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Astronaut shares epic picture of Dubai from space



French astronaut Thomas Pesquet is on a six-month mission on the International Space station, and he’s been updating his 492,000-strong Twitter following with some pretty epic pictures.

On Thursday he shared a picture saying, “Is that shape distinctive enough? Yes it is Dubai by night!”. The image of Dubai lit up after-dark shows the road network and towers glittering, and it’s easy to make out the distinctive Palm Jumeirah just off the coast.

Since posting the image, 818 people have favourited the tweet and it has been retweeted 292 times.

While on his mission, Pesquet has shared a number of stunning pictures and videos. Recently he posted a video of the space station’s robotic arm moving around the Earth.

Earlier this week he said: “The more I look at Earth the more I see that every shape and form is respresented – whether man-made or created by nature.”

Just in case you’re thinking that life must be pretty dull out there in space, you’re wrong. Just check out this post…

The reference to “Soyuz photobomb”, the winky face. Top space banter.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that his location on twitter is currently set to “International Space Station”. Very cool.

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