Team shortlist25 Apr 2017 AT 09:47 AM

Emirates Airline CEO Tim Clarke hits back at US electronic travel ban

And that United Airlines incident…
Team shortlist25 Apr 2017 AT 09:47 AM
Dubai, UAE, Travel, Emirates, Qatar Airways
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Dubai, UAE, Travel, Emirates, Qatar Airways
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Just one week after announcing that they were reducing their flight frequency to the US Emirates CEO Tim Clarke has expressed his interest to restore the multi-billion dollar airline’s routes to the US.

During an interview on Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast, Clarke revealed that while the US’s electronic travel ban has effected Emirates’ profitably he believes that it won’t be permanent.

“I'm forever the optimist. I think we will get a resolution to all this, that demand will be restored and that sooner rather than later we will put back the capacity we have taken out on this temporary basis," he told the radio station.

Clarke also used the interview as a chance to address rumours of government subsides as US airlines United, Delta and American claimed that they could not keep up with their Middle Eastern competition as they do not receive any form of government funding.  

In his interview he confirmed that Emirates does not receive any subsidies from local governments and stated that the Open & Fair Skies partnership had been “trying to take [them] down for years.”

“They would rather see Emirates not on the planet at all. They use every trick in the book when it is clear that this company has never been subsidised by the government of Dubai,” Clark said.

Clarke also touched on the infamous United Airline incident that occurred last month which saw a passenger being dragged off of the plane due to overbooking.

He stated that he would have resigned had that happened on an Emirates flight and that the airline was “serving shareholders and company executives and their bonuses” as opposed to “putting their customer at the heart of their business”.

Clarke’s radio interview comes just hours before Qatar Airways' chief Akbar al-Baker announced at the Arabian Travel Market that the claims of government subsidies by US airlines was a form of “bullying”.

“President Trump is a wise individual and a very good businessman, and I don't think he will buy into bullying by the three American carriers," he said.

And, although Qatar Airways was one of the airlines effected by the electronic travel ban, al-Baker reveals that he still plans on introducing new routes to the US.

Among those would be San Francisco and Las Vegas which will be launched in the second quarter of 2018.