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5 summer flights from Dubai that don’t cost a fortune



1. Zanzibar
With the sort of “glittering sand” and “turquoise waters” that travel magazines rave about, it would be easy to mistake Zanzibar for an island in the Maldives. But this Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa offers more than a beach holiday. Stone Town is a mix of cultures, with markets and narrow streets, and the famous “Freddie Mercury House”. Head to the north for hotels, bars and plenty of surf.
Flights: From AED1,200
Time: Direct flights with flydubai 5h 50m

2. Delhi, India
There’s almost too much to do in Delhi, which is no bad thing for active travelers. Check out the Red Fort, which was founded by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1648. Humayun’s tomb is also a must-visit, and the building is thought to have inspired the Taj Mahal. Aside from historical buildings, there are leafy boulevards and plenty of popular restaurants.
Flights: From AED703
Time: Direct flights from 3h 10m

3. Budapest, Hungary
Hungary’s bustling capital city is popular with all sorts of travellers. Walk into the likes of Szimpla (one of our favourite bars) and you’ll find backpackers, stag dos, older couples and solo travellers keen to enjoy Budapest’s diverse attractions. Make sure you try out the baths – there are plenty of different options to suit the nature of your trip, with chilled out traditional types as well as party baths that you’ll need to book quite far in advance.
Flights: From AED550
Time: Direct flights from 5h 20m

4. Milan, Italy
Everything about Milan is fashionable. You don’t have to be a keen shopper to enjoy the city’s chic vibe – the street style is everywhere, almost every building is an Instagram opportunity, and even the food is high-fashion in itself.
Flights: From AED900 (with one stop)
Time: 8h 25m with one stop in Doha with Qatar Airways

5. Kenya
With mountains, lakes and grassy planes, Kenya is the perfect place for those who love the great outdoors. Of course, it’s the wildlife that pulls people in, especially the big cats, so if you’re planning a trip based around a safari check your timings. Although you can visit the whole year round, it does vary between parks. The dry season is coming up (Late June to October) offering you prime wildlife viewing.
Flights: From AED1,239 direct
Time: 5h 30m

Some flights can be booked through multiple different airlines. Check through Skyscanner and select “whole month” to see the best deals. Prices will fluctuate. 

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