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British man hit with £18,000 phone bill after 4-day trip to Dubai



There are a few things that you check (and double check) before you go on holiday – have you packed your passport and is your mobile data turned off?

A British man who visited Dubai on a four-day trip got a nasty surprise when a phone bill of almost £18,000 came through.

Orange, his mobile provider, billed him £17,727.80 (that’s almost AED84,000) for using his phone abroad.

Daniel Jeffery told British newspaper The Telegraph that he was in Dubai for a work trip, and although he had been using his phone to check emails, he hadn’t used his data very much.

“It wasn’t as if I was downloading films or streaming television programmes, Jeffery, who works in recruitment, told the newspaper. “I was mainly checking emails and opening CV attachments.”

A breakdown of the bill shows that £17,510 (AED82,930) of the charges were before VAT and, according to Jeffrey, are due to his trip to Dubai.

A spokesperson for Orange said that Jeffrey had removed is data cap years earlier while on another holiday. His work paid the bill automatically and he described them as “furious”.

According to Orange, the bill has now been cut to £500 due to the “unique circumstances”.

That’s quite a discount!


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