12 emotional stages of travelling this Eid holiday

1. Excitement
After anxiously waiting for the dates of the Eid holidays to be announced, you’ve just booked your plane ticket on Skyscanner.

2. Panic
You’ve just realised that you’ve spent the past few weeks telling all your friends about your Eid holiday plans, as opposed to actually making them.

3. Relief
You’ve just finished all of your holiday shopping in one trip to Mall of the Emirates (MOE). Nothing like the feeling of liberation that comes with not having to lug shopping bags around the mall.

4. Distress
Fetcher has just dropped off your clothes, toiletries and holiday accessories from MOE. You now have to decide which outfit stays and which one goes on holiday with you.

5. Pity
After spending the last two hours deciding what clothes to bring, you’ve weighed your bag and are 5kgs overweight…

6. Content
After much debate, you’ve decided to leave three pairs of shoes and four jumpers behind. You now have space and weight to buy your friends all the souvenirs they’ve asked for.

7.  Dread
You’ve arrived at work for the last time before your holiday. Your colleague has just told you that she thought that your flight was this morning. An overwhelming feeling of horror and despair fill you as you frantically check your plane ticket.

8. Comfort
After checking your flight details for the 25th time, you are now sure that you have not missed your flight and that your co-worker is really bad with dates. You’re also convinced that your colleague’s “mistake” was intentional and that she never really wanted you to have a nice “holiday”.

9. Happiness
You’ve just finished packing and your Careem is downstairs waiting for you.

10. Anxiety
You read our article about having to leave for the airport early this weekend but are still somewhat worried about missing your flight – if you’ve left for the airport at least three (four) hours before your flight, you should be okay… you could always leave six hours early, check-in and wait around (we would), just to be safe.

11. Joy
You’ve just checked-in and haven’t spotted any crying kids, yet. Since you’re early for your flight, you now have plenty of time to check out the Dubai Duty Free.


12. Bliss
After spending slightly more money than you should have at the Duty Free, you’ve now boarded your plane and are finally ready to do nothing but “sit back and relax” for the next few days.

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