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Etihad Airways to allow passengers to bid for neighbouring seats

Economy class travel has never been so spacious
Team shortlist27 Jun 2017 AT 12:58 PM
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Abu Dhabi International Airport
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Abu Dhabi International Airport

If congested seating is what puts you off flying in Economy Class, you’re going to love Etihad Airline’s latest option.

From July 3, all Economy Class passengers will be able to “bid” for the seats next to them which means that all of the “perks” that come with sitting next to someone (fighting over arm rests and having to wake them up in order to go to the toilet) could potentially become a travel experience of the past…

The “Neighbour Free Seat” initiative will allow passengers to bid on the seats next to them during the time of ticket purchase, if their bid is successful, they will be informed 30 hours before departure.

Aside from the nifty new seating option, the airline announced that all passengers flying Business and First Class will continue to receive complimentary chauffeur services to and from its base in Abu Dhabi. First and Business Class passengers flying with the airline from abroad will, however, have to start paying for the service from July 3.

Etihad also announced that Economy Class passengers will soon be able to pay for Premium Lounge Access. Business Class passengers will also be able to pay to be upgraded to the First Class Lounge and Spa access.

Speaking on the changes, the executive commercial vice-president of Etihad Airways, Mohammad Al Bulooki said: “Etihad is constantly looking at ways to improve its value proposition for guests, focusing on the service elements that are most important to them.

[These changes] are being put in place as the airline looks to evolve its product proposition while continuing to match individual customer requirements.”

On the topic of chauffeur service, Al Bulooki, revealed that the airline decided to continue it’s free service in Abu Dhabi because that’s where “there are a high number of service users."

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