Team shortlist23 Jul 2017 AT 04:00 PM

5 top tips to maintain your car in the UAE's scorching summer

From tyres to batteries and more!
Team shortlist23 Jul 2017 AT 04:00 PM
5 top tips to maintain your car in the UAE's scorching summer
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With summer in full swing, driving in Dubai often gets a little bit trickier. And by trickier we aren’t referring to routes. We’re referring to the actual task of driving itself.

Like the morning steering wheel battle, where you find yourself clenching your steering wheel like a hot potato…Or the feeling of sitting on a burning leather seat. Even seatbelt burn is a thing.

But Careem's UAE care centre manager, Hamid Moaref, has devised a list of five tips to help you tackle major issues that your car may experience this season…

1. Don’t wear out your tyres…
Tyres are the only part of your car that are in direct contact with the road, hence it is important to get them checked and if needed replaced every four months. A good tip would be to fill your tyres with nitrogen and not regular air, this is because nitrogen does not expand as the temperature rises, so ultimately your tyres will last longer.

2. Maintain your car’s battery
As summer in Dubai can reach temperatures in the high 40s, many drivers often have their AC on full blast. This drains your battery and the fluids in your car faster. So, we advise you to take your car for regular checkups. It is also good to note that because of the heat experienced in the UAE, the average battery life is usually two years.

3. Stay cool
As previously mentioned, almost all drivers will have their AC’s turned up to maximum capacity which means that maintaining them is of utmost importance. This means checking and replacing any dirty AC filters. Not only will this improve the functioning of your cooling system, it also ensures that the air is clean and safe.

4. Fluid check
As I mentioned earlier, the heat not only drains your car’s battery but also its fluids. As a result, you have to monitor your levels quite closely. We advise all of our fleet to get their cars checked at least once a month and, I would advise you to do the same.

5. Stay in the shade
Slightly obvious but very important. By reducing the impact of the sun’s rays, you’re not only reducing the chance of overheating your engine but also keeping your car cool and preventing your interiors from fading as well as preventing cracks from forming on your dashboard. If you can’t find a shaded area, invest in reflectors and reflective throw on covers. 

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