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Can you make extra money from AirBnB in Dubai?



Okay, so what exactly is AirBnB?
It’s basically a marketplace that allows people to advertise property for short-term rental.

So I can rent out my apartment/villa while I’m on holiday?
Technically, yes you can, but there are rules, so you may want to consider it if you’re going to make it a more regular thing. In May 2016 AirBnB and the Department of Tourism Commerce Marketing signed an agreement to make it legal, but home owners will have to register on the DTCM website to get a permit.

That’s fine… but I don’t own my place, I rent it…
No worries. As long as your landlord doesn’t mind. Tenants first need to get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from their landlord, and then go through the same registration procedure on the DTCM website.

Brilliant! What if I want to rent out a room?
That’s against the rules. In order to obtain a permit you have to be looking to advertise your full property for rent.

Okay, noted. Anything else?
Yes. You need to be aware of your responsibility as a host. The Second Edition of the Dubai Holiday Home Rental Regulations has multiple stipulations including that hosts have to provide a 24/7 helpline, comply with health and safety standards and provide a first aid kit.

Sounds easy enough, is that it?
No. You can read more about the responsibilities here to make sure that you think your home and hosting skills would be up to scratch.

I think they are!
Good for you! Once you’ve gone through the formal channels to obtain your license and get your home ready, make sure you remember to collect the Tourism Dirham from guests, which goes to DTCM. The rate is AED15 per night for each occupied Deluxe bedroom or AED10 per night for each occupied Standard bedroom.

Brilliant, I’m going to do it!
Here’s the link to reguster your home with DTCM and get started. Can we have a free night for all the advice? …Worth a try.

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