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Dubai ranked one of the most expensive cities on Airbnb



It would be a good idea to start making friends in Miami – not just because it’s a city full of absolute ballers, but because it’s eye-wateringly expensive on Airbnb, so it would be handy to have a free place to crash.

And Dubai’s not far behind.

According to a report by Bloomberg, based on the “average daily cost of lodging in private dwellings, regardless of accommodation type, for two guests” Miami comes out on top, with Boston and Dubai tied in second place. San Francisco and Reykjavik round off the top five.

While the figures are mostly because the top five are massive tourist hubs, they are also reflective of regulations. Miami and Dubai, for example, have strict rules for short-term landlords, including those who want to advertise their homes on Airbnb.

In May 2016 AirBnB and the Department of Tourism Commerce Marketing in Dubai signed an agreement to make renting your home on Airbnb legal, but home owners have to register on the DTCM website to get a permit. In order to get a permit you have to rent your whole home (not a single room) and take responsibilities as a host, including providing a 24/7 helpline, complying with health and safety standards and providing a first aid kit. You can read more about the responsibilities here.

Here’s a list of the top 20 (which shows many cities are tied):

1. Miami, US

2. Boston, US

2. Dubai, UAE

4. San Francisco, US

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

6. Chicago, US

7. Los Angeles, US

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

9. Sydney, Australia

9. Washinton DC, US

12. Amsterdam, Netherlands

13. Stockholm, Sweden

14. Dublin, Ireland

14. London, UK

14. Zurich, Switzerland

17. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

18. Copenhagen, Denmark

19. Hong Kong, China

20. Dallas, US

Here’s the link to register your home with DTCM and get started!

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