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Emirates Airline won big at the People Choice Awards

Not surprising to be honest
Team shortlist27 Sep 2017 AT 01:48 PM
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Zagreb, Croatia
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Zagreb, Croatia
Hanoi, Vietnam
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Hanoi, Vietnam

Emirates has just won a string of awards - no surprises there.

The Dubai-based airline took home the Passenger Choice award for Best Entertainment at the 2017 APEX Passenger Choice Awards in California, USA, while the airline’s president, Sir Tim Clark was honoured with a CEO Lifetime Achievement Award.

Emirates also won an award for its “Welcome to ICE” product video and was given a Five-Star Global Airline Official Airline Rating – the highest ranking in the first airline rating program based solely on verified and certified passenger feedback.

If you haven’t flown with Emirates yet (how is that even possible?), here’s three features that you can look forward to during your time on board.

ICE – the airline has won countless awards for its on board entertainment system, which features the latest Box Office films, indie films, series, music and classic box sets.

Onboard lounge – Emirates celebrated its ninth anniversary by launching a brand new onboard lounge experience. Inspired by private yacht cabins, the exclusive lounge for first and business class passengers can accommodate up to 26 guests at a time. While not all Emirates aircrafts have received the chic new lounge upgrade, they all serve a variety of fine mixes and blends and feature a cosy seating area.

WiFi – Passengers receive up to 20MB of free Wifi during the first two hours of the flight. After that it’s US9.99 for 150MB of data and US15.99 for 500MB of data.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the aircraft’s features, here’s our pick of the three places to visit before the year’s end.

1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Emirates launched its first ever flight to Cambodia’s capital just four days ago. The city is known for its café culture, bustling nightlife scene and award-winning food, and it’s now the airline’s only flight destination in Cambodia. Several must-see destinations include the Royal Palace which, as its name suggests, houses the members of the royal family, and Wat Phnom which is a temple that was built in 1372. You should also check out the Silver Pagoda temple, which gets its name because the floor is made with five tons of silver.
Emirates has daily to Phnom Penh via Yangon, Myanmar for around AED2,155*

2. Hanoi, Vietnam
If you’re unfamiliar with the destination, here’s what you need to know. Its on the banks Red River which makes it a popular destination for beach lovers and avid fisherman. It has an entire theatre dedicated to nothing but puppets – the Water Puppet Theatre pays homage to one of the nation’s famed past-times. Aside from temples – the Perfume Pagoda is a must see – the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long are two sights that you to visit.
Emirates has daily direct to Hanoi for around AED1,505*

3. Zagreb, Croatia
Known for its Austro-Hungarian architecture, permanently full street cafes and museums, Zagreb is the perfect destination for aspiring architects, coffee connoisseurs and culture vultures. If contemporary and historic art isn’t your thing, head down to the Museum of Broken Relationships. Founded by Croatian film producer Olinka Vištica and sculptor Dražen Grubišić in 2010, the museum tells the tale of true failed relationships by exhibiting the personal belongings of ex-lovers. Each item is donated anonymously and is accompanied by a brief description or message. The concept proved so successful that a branch of the museum opened in Los Angeles, US in 2016.
Emirates has daily direct flights to Zagreb for around AED1,275*

*Prices are subject to change. 

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