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New security checks for all Emirates flights from Dubai to the US



If you’re flying to the USA from Dubai any time soon, you might want to read this.

Emirates has just announced that from tomorrow, Thursday, October 26, all passengers flying to the USA from Dubai will have to undergo a number of new security checks.

In an official statement, the award-winning airline announced that the new checks have come directly from the US Government.

“The new directive requires passenger pre-screening interviews at the check-in counter for originating passengers and at the boarding gate for transfer and transit passengers.

“These measures will work in complement with the current additional screening measures conducted at the boarding gate, including those for electronic devices. Passengers should allow additional time to be checked-in and boarded if travelling to the US from Dubai International Airport,” the official statement read.

The new security checks come just months after the electronic travel ban was lifted on all Emirates’ flights to the US.

At the time of operation, the electronic travel ban required all passengers flying to the US to check in any electronic items that were bigger than a smart phone.

In an attempt to combat the effects of the ban that was introduced in March, Emirates launched a number of initiatives which included offering loaner laptops to all passengers flying First and Business Class as well as introducing special laptop boxes, which allowed passengers to use their laptops up until boarding time.

When the electronic travel ban was lifted in July, the airline issued an official statement which read:

“Emirates has been working hard in coordination with various aviation stakeholders and the local authorities to implement heightened security measures and protocols that meet the requirements of the US Department of Homeland Security’s new security guidelines for all US bound flights.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the US and local authorities for their support and thank our customers for their understanding and patience during the last few months when the ban was in place.”

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