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3 great places to go camping in the UAE



Now that one of our favourite spots in Dubai, Al Qudra Lake, no longer allows for camping or barbecues, we decided to ask our good friend Zaid Siwady of @projectoverlandy on his top three places to go camping in the UAE.

Here they are, enjoy and remember to bring a sleeping bag…

1. Wadi Asimah
Wadi Asimah is one of the nicest areas to camp in the Northern Emirates. The wadi crosses from the village of Masafi all the way to Al Ghail Desert through some nice landscapes. The terrain isn’t very tough here and doesn’t require any off-road driving skills, so it would be a great place to go for a family camping trip. There are several camping spots throughout the wadi, but it’s wise to find a spot on a higher ground if you need a more secluded area without bumping into people passing through the main track. Then bust out the fire.
The coordinates: Entrance from Masafi: 25.398916, 56.141798, Entrance from Al Ghail: 25.408370, 56.066833

2. Al Faqa Desert
This is a very scenic desert for intermediate off-road drivers and lies on the Dubai-Al Ain Road (E66). It does require some sand driving skill but is also considered one of the easier places to access. When you are driving towards Al Ain, take the ADNOC gas station exit in Al Faqa and turn right before the gas station. Keep going straight and after crossing the second roundabout, you’ll find an automatic gate through the fence on your right. This will lead you into the desert. Make sure to deflate your tires but you should then enjoy the drive through the golden sand dunes until you find your desired camping spot.
The coordinates: ADNOC exit: 24.697900, 55.628567, Gate: 24.679686, 55.579377

3. Al Aqah Public Beach
Beaches where you can camp are becoming very rare in the UAE as developments chew up most of the waterfronts. One of the remaining public beaches in which you can pitch your tent is in Al Aqah Fujairah. Although it does sometimes gets a little crowded during the holidays, you can always manage to find a spot near the water. You can get to the beach using a normal road car, too, but not near the water as the sand becomes really soft, even for SUVs. Unlike the beaches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the water is much cooler year-round as it’s on the Arabian Sea.
The coordinates: Al Aqah Public Beach: 25.512915, 56.366821

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You are no longer allowed to have barbecues or camp at Al Qudra Lake

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