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This is the best month of the year to book flights



Look, we all know your wallet has taken a bit of a pounding over the last few weeks.

Christmas presents haven’t been cheap, you’ve spent a bunch of money catching up with friends because you’ve had a bit of time off work, and maybe you’ve also had to find the cash to visit your family living abroad.

Now you’re back at work, you’re eating healthier and cheaper lunches to fulfil at least one of your new year’s resolutions, and you’re trying to readjust your body clock after a week or two of lie-ins while also trawling the internet for money-saving hacks.

Put simply, you’re just a couple of days into the new year and it feels like you need a holiday already. Well, as it happens, it might be a good time to book one and give yourself something to look forward to.

According to SkyScanner data, flights cost more than one third below average throughout the first half of January. However, after that, prices will gradually climb, so if you’re booking in March you could be spending a lot more on the same thing.

The instinct, then, is to book right away if you can afford it, rather than waiting to decide if you really need that trip abroad.

That goes for spontaneous trips (though good luck getting the time off work) and advance bookings for later in the year.

The SkyScanner figures relate to data from the recent past, but it’s backed up by longer-term trends.

Speaking to Travel + Leisure, founder George Hobica referred to the ‘post-holiday slump’, lasting from 4 January – 15 February, as the best time to book.

Now we’re not saying you should break the bank to book that dream holiday you can’t really afford, but you definitely have an excuse to at least investigate.

When you’re enjoying that spring city break, think of us, OK.

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