Emirates announces special fares on Economy and Business Class flights

Emirates, Dubai’s award-winning airline, has announced that it is offering Economy and Business Class passengers special fares on flights to a number of alluded travel destinations.

According to the official statement released by the award-winning airline earlier today, all-inclusive Economy Class fares to Middle Eastern destinations will start from just AED825.

Economy Class fares to destinations in Southern Asia will start from AED905 while those looking to explore Africa can do so from just AED1,365.

Those looking to experience Asian can do so with fares starting from AED1,765 and those wanting to see Europe can do so from just AED2,055.  Economy Class fares to North and South America start from AED3,535.

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We’ll leave you to scan your inflatable globe in search of your desired travel destination now. Just be sure to book your flight before January 22 and make sure that your date of travel is between January 12 and November 30.

For more information, click here.

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