Countries Where Airbnb Is Cheaper Than A Hotel: Let’s Know

It’s the modern dilemma, isn’t it? Hotel, or Airbnb. Traditional, or new-fangled technology.

They both have pros, and they both have cons. Good things about hotels: free biscuits, an impeccably-made bed, a sense of opulence and glamour. Bad things about hotels: having to share a lift with other members of the public, the frequently inordinate wait to check in, the unfathomably small glasses for your orange juice at breakfast.

Doing your own thing whenever you want to, having home comforts, stealing any biscuits that your host has left, and making friends with the local cats. Bad things about Airbnbs: showers not working, no impeccably-made beds, no orange juice at breakfast.

So, as you can see, it’s a real struggle. But hang on there, you’re forgetting one crucial thing: cashola, greenbacks, spondoolies, moolah, or for the more traditional out there, money.

Correct, eagle-eyed ShortList reader, which is why the following information is particularly useful if you’re trying to decide where to stay on your next foreign jaunt.

Good things about Airbnbs

Money-saving website  has studied data collected from Airbnb and Google’s Hotel Partners to find out in which countries you’re better off booking a hotel, and which ones you’re better off with Airbnb

Traveling to Malta, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, or Belgium? Go for an Airbnb – a three-star hotel will cost more than double the average Airbnb price in Malta, while the latter five countries offer Airbnb accommodation which is on average 40% cheaper than hotels.

Going to Romania, Sweden, or the UK? Airbnb and hotel prices are about the same, so you might as well go with a hotel if that’s more your bag.

Good things about Airbnbs

The cheapest Airbnbs outright can be found in Albania (AED136 a night), Macedonia (AED142 a night), and Turkey (AED150 a night).

The cheapest hotels can be found in Ukraine (AED150 a night), Latvia (AED150 a night), and Macedonia (AED165 a night). 

For those looking to go fully upmarket, the research also looked at the countries where there were relatively cheap five-star hotels, with Iceland (AED1,110) and Belgium (AED625) offering great value, especially seeing as Iceland offers the most expensive average Airbnb price of AED565.

Now all you have to do is book your flight (click here for some tips), your accommodation, play and apply for leave – we recommend doing the last step first.

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