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New smart gates at Dubai Airport to let passengers through in under 15 seconds



We know how exhausting travel can be and having to wait through immigration queues right after you get off a flight can be quite painful, which is why we are happy to tell you that 20 new smart gates have been fitted in Terminal 1 of the Dubai International Airport.

According to reports, this means that you should be able to make your way through immigration in a mere matter of seconds. Less than 15 to be exact.

The service, which launched last year, aims to make travel through Dubai Airport quick and easy. Unlike manual transactions which can take anything from five minutes to 20 or more (depending on the queue), these machines help keep the process fast and efficient.

Currently, over 125 smart gates can be found across the Dubai International Airport.

To use these magical time saving devices, you can use your Emirates ID card or your e-gate card or your passport, provided that it’s machine readable. You can also use a QR barcode, generated by the GDRFA smartphone app.

Along with citizens and residents of the UAE and GCC nationals, the service can be used by travellers who are eligible for visa on arrival as long as they are above the age of 15.

The implementation of the additional smart gates comes just months after Deputy Director-General of Dubai’s Directorate General for Residency & Foreign Affairs, Major General Obaid Mehayer bin Suroor Alhameeri announced that the city looking at implementing a border than is 100 percent virtual, which means that all security and border checks will be done without any human interaction.

“[We are looking to implement] a 100 percent virtual border where human contact is absent. We need to find alternative ways to handle border security procedures where speedier transactions are a priority,” he said.

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