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Dubai launches “smart suitcases” to keep airports safe



Just yesterday we told you that Dubai Police unveiled the city’s first “smart dog” that will be placed outside houses and embassies across the city. The UAE has once again upped its safety game with the introduction of “smart suitcases”.

It’s not the smart suitcase you’re thinking about – the ones that charge your phone or weigh itself. This one does more. A lot more.

The suitcases we’re talking about are equipped with screens and can detect “cleverly concealed” weapons and explosives. They can also alert officers on potential threats as well as display detailed information about illegal substances. It can also carry out customs declaration for VIPs – not bad.

Lauching at the Arab Innovation Forum earlier this week, these smart suitcases have been invented to train new inspectors on new methods of detecting illegal substances as well as catch smugglers.

Around 120 of these bad boys will be used at various airports and sea ports across the city.

The nifty magic bag isn’t the only form of high tech gadget used by the city’s aviation department.

Dubai Customs has a table that can detect what’s inside a suitcase without having to open it, as well as a smart machine that can detect illegal substances in concealed items.

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