Naina Shahani 28 Feb 2018 AT 09:37 AM

Emirates is giving passengers free baggage allowance

On certain flights, of course
Naina Shahani 28 Feb 2018 AT 09:37 AM
Dubai, Travel, Emirates, Baggage
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Dubai, Travel, Emirates, Baggage
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Emirates Airline
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Emirates Airline

If you love the idea of traveling but hate the thought of packing, we hear ya! It can be hard to stuff everything into one suitcase and make sure it weighs just 30 kilograms. But if there’s someone listening you your woes, it is Emirates.

The Dubai-based airline has kicked off a limited time promotion where passengers travelling to certain flights destinations such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China and Tanzania, can enjoy free additional baggage allowance in economy class.

While the offer is valid until March 5, 2018, outbound travel is open until June 10, 2018.

Like every offer, this too has blackout dates. Those travelling to Karachi, Multan and Sialkot can enjoy an extra checked baggage allowance of 10kg, bringing the total baggage allowance to 40kg. However, the offer is not applicable for travel from March 23 – 25.


Passengers travelling to Cebu & Clark have an additional baggage allowance of 10kg, while those heading to Manila can enjoy an extra checked allowance of 15kg. Blackout dates for these destinations are March 23 to April 2.


Those travelling to Colombo, Sri Lanka will recieve an extra baggage allowance of 10kg. 


For a complete list of destinations and applicable flights, click here.

And, while we're at it, here's a handy list of seat tips to meet your every travel need... 

For a (relatively) comfortable sleep...
Unless you’re lucky enough to be on an empty flight where you can snag a whole row to lie down and nap on, the window seat is your best bet for snoozing. You have control of the blinds so there won’t be any unexpected light shining in your face and waking you up, nor will you have to wake up if the person next to you needs to go the toilet. Make sure you bring a travel pillow for maximum comfort.
Sleeping on an plane

For a speedy exit...
If you’re the kind of person who can’t wait to get off the plane once you’ve landed, a spot on the left-hand side of the aircraft will ensure you get off quicker (and this is why we board on the left-hand side of a plane). Also, obviously, at the front (or sometimes back) of the plane.
Exiting a plane

For optimum service... 
For the best access to snacks, choose a seat at the back of the aircraft. Advice from a flight attendant on says that seats at the back receive the most attentive service, as attendants sometimes avoid responding to call bells from the front of the plane to avoid potentially deviating from the service schedule. And, most importantly, be nice!

Optimum service on a plane

To minimising turbulence... 
If you’re someone who suffers from motion sickness or perhaps a fear of flying, avoid sitting at the back of the plane. Most airline crew advise that the front of the aircraft has the least turbulence.

Turbulance on a plane

For more legroom... 
The aisle seat is usually your best bet for being able to give your legs a quick stretch mid-flight, whether via sticking them out for a bit or going for a short stroll. There is also usually more legroom on the seats by the exit-row, although you might have to pay extra for these on budget airlines. You will also need to be able and willing to help other passengers in case of an emergency. Also note that most airlines will not allow you to store luggage in the seats in front of you in the exit-rows in order to keep the aisle clear in case of an emergency landing. But if you’ve got long legs and a long haul flight, it might be worth it.

Legroom on a plane