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Dubai Airport to use robots for facial security checks



Dubai Airports will soon get a robot that will detect faces of wanted criminals *starts involuntarily singing Bon Jovi’s mega-hit “Wanted Dead Or Alive“.

The robot, which will soon be deployed at the arrival section of the airports, is being termed as “one of the best innovations” by Khalid Al Zarooni, innovation specialist at Dubai Custom’s Innovation Centre.

The android system has facial recognition, x-ray scanning and thermal vision installed into its “brain” which can help detect and report suspicious people and activities to the control room. The face detection scanner is also linked to the Interpol which means that it can alert airport authorities of criminals wanted internationally.

On a lighter note, the android system doubles up as a greeter when there’s no threat to detect.

This isn’t the first time that airport officials have turned to technology to enhance its security.

Dubai Airport is already home to an award-winning android customs inspector. The impressive device has the ability to detect body language, thermal heat as well as carry out facial recognition and tracking luggage.

It is also home to a table that can detect what’s inside a suitcase without having to open it, as well as a smart machine that can detect illegal substances in concealed items.

Earlier this week it was announced that 120 smart suitcases would be making their Dubai debut. The travel bags will be equipped with screens and can detect “cleverly concealed” weapons and explosives. They will also be able to alert officers of potential threats as well as display detailed information on concealed illegal substances.

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