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Majority of UAE residents fail to take all of their annual leave



Holidays are great aren’t they? The exciting feeling of exploring a new city or just getting away from all it, is something that leaves many of us counting down the days to our annual leave or the next public holiday.

However, according to a new study commissioned by British Airways, a majority of UAE residents are denying themselves of said holiday glory with 62 percent revealing that they had left over annual leave days from last year.

The reason? Many (31 percent) felt too guilty to take time off work. While 24 percent of those surveyed felt bad about taking too much time off work in one go, which resulted in shorter breaks.

The study also found that UAE residents travel more than the global norm. With a majority of the 1,000 individuals surveyed revealing that they travel up to six times per year.

56 percent cited cities in Europe as their preferred travel destinations while one third of those surveyed revealed that they use their annual leave to stay in the UAE – admin and family visitors were listed as the two main reasons why.

While we can’t help with the feeling of guilt (we feel that way too sometimes), we can help you try and use your leave to the fullest…

British Airways is giving away special fares across all of its cabins on select flights.

This means that those wanting to explore Paris, France can do so for AED2,525 while those looking to take in sights like the Big Ben or The London Eye can do so for AED2,375.

The catch, as always, is that you need to book your return flights before March 6 – yes, by tomorrow. Travel is valid until December 12, 2018.

Click here to view the full list of travel destinations.

And, while getting ready for your next break, click here to find out how you can get your bags out first at the airport.

Happy travelling folks and remember that you need a break too, so please try and take one.


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