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Dubai Airport is going to be extremely busy this weekend



There’s just three days left for Spring break which means that families across the city will be flocking to the airport to go on a mini vacacy – lucky.

In preparation for the rush, Emirates, Dubai’s home grown airline, is urging all passengers to make their way to the airport early. Three hours early to be precise.

The airline added that passengers who check in less than 60 minutes prior to their scheduled flight departure will not be accepted for travel.

According to reports, the busiest time for departures will be on Friday (March 23) morning with the rush expected to continue until Sunday, March 25.

To help you make your flight this weekend, we have devised a list to not only help you hopefully arrive on time but to help you survive the crowd – expect loads of kids, some crying, some running around and some looking just as stressed out as you.

1. Leave for the airport at least four hours before your flight
If we have learnt one thing about Dubai it’s to never under estimate its traffic…


2. Pack your suitcase the night before
We know, we know – you pack best when under stress but you don’t have time for that this weekend.


3. Bring headphones and a phone charger
Headphones will come in handy to block out the sounds of kids crying and the charger will, well, keep your phone alive.


4. Make sure you have everything before you leave
Check lists may sound lame but so is missing your flight because you forgot your passport at home.


5. Wear running shoes
You’ll thank us when you find yourself frantically power walking to make your flight.


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