Kate-Lynne Wolmarans26 Mar 2018 AT 09:15 AM

Dubai commuters can now pay for taxis using Smart Pay

Kate-Lynne Wolmarans26 Mar 2018 AT 09:15 AM
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Samsung Pay
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Samsung Pay

We’ve all experienced it, that awkward moment when your minutes away from your house only to realise that you spent that AED20 on a sandwich and now have no money to pay your cab fare. Naturally your heat rate increases, you start sweating uncontrollably, your voice starts to crack and when you arrive at your destination need to tell your driver that you’ll be back in five minutes – a remark that is usually met with a sigh and an awkward, soul penetrating glare. Ps. the feeling is worse when you’re AED5 short…

Luckily, the Dubai Road and Transport Authority has just launched a neat little initiative to hopefully stop this from happening again.

The RTA has equipped some 8,000 taxis with Smart Pay technology. This means that you will now be able to pay your fare using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay

Speaking on the news, RTA chief executive Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan said: "The service is aimed to offer taxi riders smooth payment options that raise their satisfaction and happiness. As many as 8,000 taxicabs are now using this POS technology, and we aim to broaden the scope of the service to cover a larger number of taxi users.”

He added: "Raising customers’ satisfaction and offering them smooth customers service experience is also a priority to RTA as it adopts top global standards and edge-cutting technologies in delivering services."

The addition forms part of Dubai’s Smart City plan that aims to make Dubai the smartest city in the world by 2021.

For all those who’d rather not risk hopping into a cab without Smart Pay technology, here’s three things you can do.

Order a Careem or Uber
Just be sure to click on the pay by Credit or Debit Card option.


Meal prep
It’s your AED35 sandwich that usually leaves you scavenging for cash.


Have a separate wallet slot for transport money
That way you don’t spend it on other things.


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