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You’ll soon have to fill your petrol tank yourself in the UAE



Petrol stations are great. They are home to convenient stores, which always seems to bring out the inner kid in all of us. And, unlike in Europe or the US, you don’t have to fill up your petrol tank yourself. Until now.

ADNOC has announced that it will be rolling out a new system that will see drivers fill up their own petrol tank. ADNOC Flex will be launched in 40 of the company’s branches in Abu Dhabi by mid-April.

Driver’s who’d rather have someone do it for them, will have to pay for “premium” service.

Information on how much the premium fee will be is yet to be revealed but ADNOC has revealed that the fee will initially be waived to allow customers to familiarise themselves with the system.

Elderly customers and people of determination will be permanently exempt from paying the premium fee.

As for the company’s Dubai branches, there is no sign of introducing ADNOC Flex just yet.

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