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British Airways cancels a number of Abu Dhabi flights to London for the summer



If you’re thinking about travelling to London from Abu Dhabi this summer, you might want to read this.

British Airways has announced that it will be cancelling a number of its direct flight from the nation’s capital to London from May 16.

The move that will last until June 6, is an attempt to meet customer demand during the nation’s summer months.

Those still looking to fly to London with BA can opt for an alternative route through Bahrain, which will cost approximately AED7,000 on the dates when the flights between Abu Dhabi and London are cancelled.

“We remain committed to our daily flights to Abu Dhabi. We have made some minor schedule reductions in May and June to match customer demand and we’re contacting any customers who have already booked on these services to rebook them onto alternative flights or to offer a full refund,” an airline spokesperson said.

BA flights between London and Dubai will remain unchanged throughout the time period.

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