Kate-Lynne Wolmarans29 May 2018 AT 11:27 AM

Going somewhere new this summer? These 14 words might come in handy

Kate-Lynne Wolmarans29 May 2018 AT 11:27 AM
Going somewhere new this summer? These 14 words might come in handy
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When it comes to language, it goes without saying that the ability to understand what is being said is as important as language itself.

Not being able to understand someone is sort of like having the ability to read minds but not understanding the language that the person thinks in... 

If someone ever tries to read my mind, they’d be in for a big surprise. Not really, I’m usually thinking about pancakes, memes or trying to figure out the name of a song that I heard in 2002. Or, I’m having a full on argument with myself.

Back to the topic at hand, language.

During one of our most recent internet searches, we stumbled upon a group of words that cannot be translated.

And as we like to help our readers in whatever way possible, we’ve decided to shortlist 14 – you know in case you suddenly find yourself with the ability to read minds and encounter someone who isn’t of English decent – you may just know one word but it’s a start.

Let’s begin…

Origin: Portuguese/Brazilian
Meaning: To tenderly run your fingers through someone’s hair.

Wabi Sabi
Origin: Japanese
Meaning: Finding beauty in the imperfections of life and accepting that everything is constantly changing.

Origin: Danish
Meaning: A warm and cosy feeling that rushes over you.

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: The literal translation is “you bury me”, it’s a declaration of one’s hope to die before another person because of who difficult it would be to live without them.

Origin: Portugese
Meaning: A longing for someone you love but have lost. It is the love that remains.

Origin: Swedish
Meaning: The restlessness that travellers experience just before their journey is about to start. The feeling of being anxious and excited at the same time.

Origin: Tagalog
Meaning: To break free from all confines.

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: An appreciation of good times from the past.

Origin: Yaghan
Meaning: A look shared by two people where they both wish the other would initiate something that they both desire yet neither wish to begin.

Origin: French
Meaning: The happiness that fills you when you meet someone after a long time.

Origin: Tamil
Meaning: The fake anger that couples tease each other with.

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: The act of leaving a book unread after buying it.

Meaning: The act of hesitating when introducing someone because you have forgotten their name.

Origin: Hindi
Meaning: The realisation of love through separation. 

There we have it, 14 words that you can now add to your vocabulary. We suggest making a game of it and seeing how many words you can incorporate into your daily routine. You might seem a bit odd but the best people are. 

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