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Airbnb wants to pay you to live in Italy for 3 months



Four lucky people will pack their bags and head off to the quaint hillside village of Grottole in the south of Italy.

There, they will be renovating buildings, maintaining the village’s vegetable garden and hosting Airbnb Experiences.

In return they will get free accommodation, up to AED3,800 in expenses per month and the opportunity to take up language courses and cookery classes.

According to the website, the “Italian sabbatical” will help breathe life into the local community and bring tourists back to the village.

Grottole has 600 empty homes and just 300 inhabitants and “is at risk of disappearing” if nothing is done about it.

Airbnb said: “Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and become a temporary citizen of a village in the south of Italy. Immerse yourself in the local culture and discover how to speak, act and cook the Italian way.

“You will also get to support the local community by hosting an Airbnb Experience. Your goal? To help the local community revitalise the small village of Grottole.

“Airbnb is sponsoring a unique opportunity for four people to move to the small village of Grottole for three months and experience authentic rural life in Italy.

“Selected candidates will become temporary citizens of the village and will volunteer for a local non-profit organisation called ‘Wonder Grottole’ whose aim is to revitalise the town’s historical centre.”

The lucky four people will stay in the village from June to August, and you have until midnight on 17 February to send in your applications.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to say buongiorno to this beautiful part of the world.

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