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This couple visited 40 countries in two years with 9-5 jobs



When you have a full-time job, it can be difficult to fit in all the things you want to do outside of work.

But this couple from Kent in the UK jet off to another country almost every weekend, costing them around AED7,200 per month.

Sangam Bhandari and his wife Shikha Neupane, both 28, have jobs in IT and earn around AED240,000 a year.

Yet the pair has still managed to travel to over 40 countries in the last two years.

The IT professionals work 9am-5pm Monday-Friday but sometimes go away on a Thursday evening to take advantage of cheaper flights.

The couple believes everyone can do what they do with a few handy tips.

Sangam said the most important thing is keeping an eye on your finances.

He said: “Add the cost of breakfast, coffee, snacks, some after-work dinner and drinks, it can quickly add up.

“If you plan well in advance some of the European destinations can be explored for a weekend for less than £200 (AED960) for two.

“Another important consideration is living like a local and avoiding expensive tourist traps. Using cards with no foreign exchange fee on purchase and withdrawals certainly helps.”

The pair also recommends planning ahead to get the best deals and booking in advance for cheap flights. Use loyalty points for discounts on hotels and flights. And fly back early Monday morning before work, as opposed to a more expensive flight on Sunday.

Oh, and cut out spending on eating out and luxuries like the latest phone.

Now, these might sound like blaringly obvious tips but Sangam and Shikha say these are the key to travelling the world.

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