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Couple quit jobs to travel Europe in a van



Have you ever had a really, really bad week and just wanted to throw in the towel and travel the world?

Well, this financial consultant and her partner did.

Margaret Miller, 26, was tired of her desk job so she and her partner Ladi Jecminek, 32, converted a 2007 Citroen Jumper into a high-tech home.

They decided to live their dream of ‘chasing summer’ across Europe, financed by working online as they go.

The van cost AED14,700 ($4,000), and the couple spent AED7,300 ($2,000) renovating it.

While it still looks like a regular grey van from the outside, inside the couple fitted a kitchen, shower, double-bed, ‘garage’ and huge flat-screen projector for watching Netflix, of course.

The van is even kitted out with solar panels and extra battery power for their laptops, phone chargers and appliances with USB ports.

So far, the pair have travelled from the Czech Republic to Croatia and have just crossed into Montenegro.

They hope to reach Greece in March.

Margaret, originally from Minnesota, said: “This is the dream. We’ve been on quite the adventure.

“Sometimes it’s weird to tell people you dream of living in a car, but we feel so free and can spend our time with each other, exploring endlessly – not sitting in a desk chair.

“This morning we travelled from Croatia into Montenegro. It’s just incredible.”

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