Sebastian Sykes02 Apr 2019 AT 04:24 PM

Emirates to launch “personalised entertainment options” by 2020

Passengers will be able to log-in to their seat and watch their favourite movies
Sebastian Sykes02 Apr 2019 AT 04:24 PM
Emirates to launch “personalised entertainment options” by 2020

With over 1,000 movies and TV box-sets to choose from with Emirates Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system, how can you decide what to watch? This new function will solve that problem for you.

The Dubai-based airline will soon be offering personalised entertainment options to all of its customers thanks to a new AI system currently in development, according to an interview with vice president of Emirates’ customer experience Patrick Brannelly in Arabian Business.

It will give travellers the opportunity to log-in and pick from their favourite movies and TV shows based on previous preferences. Into horror flicks? Get ready for an on-screen fright fest throughout your journey.

“The idea is that you log-in to a seat, just the same as you would log-in to Netflix,” said Brannelly.

““For example, if you log-in to a system and you choose to watch a German movie, you’re probably German, so let’s bring all the other German content to the top. If you’re watching a film for a four-year-old you’re probably young, so let’s bring the younger content to the top.”

Don’t have an account? Not to worry, as passengers don’t have to log-in to use the entertainment system. Although, they won’t get that personalised selection, so you may as well.

Since the airline showcases movies from around the globe, the AI system will make it easier for passengers speaking different languages to find movies in their native tongue.

Predicted to arrive by 2020 the new system, which is currently being made by French multinational, Thales, will be available in little over a year from now, according to the interview.

Netflix-type entertainment in the sky? We can definitely get on board with that (quite literally).