15 Jul 2019 AT 11:35 AM

Exclusive: Eight essential summer photography tips with Wael Alteen

The Dubai-based travel blogger takes you through how to take the perfect Insta-snap
15 Jul 2019 AT 11:35 AM
Exclusive: Eight essential summer photography tips with Wael Alteen

Clear blue skies, glistening waves by the beach, stylish shots of a certain tallest building in the world – our Instagram feed is full of these kinds of snaps during summer in Dubai, and why shouldn’t it be? That natural sunlight makes everything look all the more impressive.

But there’s a lot more that goes into taking a quality photo, and no, you don’t need an expensive Canon or Nikon to take one. In fact, your best option is probably sitting in your pocket right now. That’s what Dubai-based travel blogger Wael Alteen is here to show you.

"Photography is the only way to appreciate the status we are living at certain time, and taking pictures is the way to keep those memories last forever. I produce content that proves to people that they can also do it only with their phone”, said Wael.

From the 300k + followers he has on his Instagram page @waelalteen, we’re sure he has a few pointers on what makes a photo really stand out.

If you’re keen on having a gander around the city to take some brilliant snaps, take a look at the ten tips and tricks from the travel blogger and start taking those photos – without having to splurge on a fancy camera. Oh, and if you’re looking for spots to take these picture, these five should do the trick.

Photography tips and tricks

Tip 1: The simplest but probably the most important. Make sure your mobile’s camera is clean. No fingerprints, just good quality photos.

Tip 2: Make use of that grid option. If you have an iPhone, the grid makes sure that whatever you’re trying to take a snap of is right in the middle, as we all know that’s the one that attracts the most attention.

Tip 3: Activate the live option – it’s your phone memory’s best friend. It’s best used when you’re shooting a moving object, instead of taking multiple shots and overloading your mobile memory. It’s like taking a short video, but then being about to choose the best photo of the bunch.

Tip 4: For iPhone-users, always take your pictures with no filters, since the original colours are way better than any automated filters. Use it afterwards, never before.

Tip 5: Sunset photography – who doesn't like to have that perfect sunset shot? It’s simple – don’t touch to your phone to focus on anything, just let the magic happen itself by moving the camera left or right to get the best angle. What a beauty.

Tip 6: Are you a foodie of sorts? Then food photography is probably your jam. Always take your shots of whatever dish in portrait mode, as you’ll want to capture each detail and all the colours of the food. As for sunlight, make sure it’s always coming from behind and it’s directly on the object.

Tip 7: Reflection photography is the new trend these days, but it’s probably the simplest task ever. Flip your mobile upside down, tilt it until the image is in line of the reflection, and hey presto, you’re on trend.

Tip 8: Get your adventure photography game up, and that means everything from kayaking to beach volleyball. These can make for some fantastic shots, and to get the right one, just hold the shutter to get multiple pictures instead of counting down. You never know what snap might come out best.

Photography apps
Make sure these applications are on your mobile. A few tweaks to a photo goes a long way.

Snapseed - Easy application for editing and applying readymade filters on the photos.

Lightroom – One for the pros. It’s all about editing and applying filters which the user creates. So, get creative.