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Is Parking Free On Sunday In Dubai? Parking Update 2023



Is Parking Free On Sunday In Dubai Parking Update 2023

Dubai is a bustling city and home to a diverse population from all parts of the world. Incidentally, it sometimes becomes a challenge to find a good parking spot. And if you are new to the country, the norms of parking in Dubai will be overwhelming. However, the parking system in Dubai is quite efficient and effectively handles the process.

To make things easier for the residents, the city has assigned numerous parking zone types in addition to a range of payment options to pay for parking. Likewise, the administration has also implemented regulations that award fines for those who violate parking regulations. Despite all the measures, people often wonder whether Parking in Dubai is free on Sundays.

In this blog, we’ll look at the different parking zones and types of parking in Dubai, as well as how to pay parking charges and what the fines are for violating parking rules. Parking Zones And Types of Parking In Dubai. However, let’s first address the big question;

Is parking free on Sundays in Dubai?

Yes, public parking is Free on Sundays in Dubai from March 28, 2022. Interestingly, the facility was previously available on Friday; however, Dubai shifted the public holiday to Saturday and Sunday to better align with the rest of the world.

parking on Dubai

The amendment allows free public parking on Sundays in Dubai. However, Multi Storey parking is excluded from the resolution, meaning they are free to charge for parking round the clock as well as for every day of the week.

How to Pay Parking Charges In Dubai?

Dubai implements a range of payment options when it comes to paying parking charges. The varied system offers convenience and ease of paying for parking in Dubai. In this section, we will look at all the payment methods for parking in Dubai.

Method 1: Pay for parking via RTA’s WhatsApp ChatBot Mahboub

Under the park and pay program of Dubai Road and Transport Authority, you can quickly pay for parking via the RTA’s WhatsApp ChatBot.

Here’s how it works;

  • Add Mahboub to your contact list. The number is 00971-58-800-9090. Save it on your phone.
  • When you wish to pay for parking, initiate a conversation with Mahboub.
  • Once you initiate the conversation, the ChatBot will be ready to assist you.
  • It will ask you for the necessary details, like the parking zone, the vehicle number, and the duration of your parking. Here’s the format you must follow: ‘Plate code and number<space>area code<space>time in hours.’

Method 2: Pay Via SMS

Paying parking charges in Dubai via SMS is another popular method. The RTA initiated mParking, a payment system that works via SMS for Etisalat or Du sim holders. You can pay via mParking and obtain a parking ticket.

Here are the steps;

  • Register your vehicle details on mParking.
  • Type an SMS detailing the parking zone and parking duration.
  • Send the SMS to 7275.
  • SMS format for registered users is – name<space>zone number<space>duration.
  • SMS Format for unregistered users is – Plate number<space>zone number<space>duration.

You will receive a confirmation message shortly. Note that there can be some delays in the confirmation message. However, if it takes too long, like hours, connect with RTA customer support to clarify the issue. Likewise, you will also receive a message ten minutes before the time of your parking ticket expiry.

Method 3: Pay Via the RTA Dubai Mobile Application

The RTA Dubai app is a dedicated application that allows access to a range of services offered by RTA. You can use it to pay parking fees in Dubai too.

For enhanced ease of use, the RTA Dubai app automatically deducts parking charges from your phone balance. Therefore, you need to have enough balance in your phone.

Here are the steps to pay parking fees in Dubai through the RTA Dubai Mobile app;

  • Download the RTA Dubai app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Create an account by providing your personal and vehicle information.
  • Once your account is set up, you can use the app to find nearby parking spots and check the availability and rates.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to pay for the parking.

Method 4: Pay Parking In Dubai With Paid Parking Machine

It’s the traditional way to pay for parking in Dubai. You can use the fiat money to purchase parking tickets from nearby parking machines. Although it doesn’t offer ease tied to other payment methods, the process is straightforward.

The parking machine accepts the amount of one dirham and 50 fils. You can insert the coins matching the amount per your parking duration. You can then stick the ticket on your car’s dashboard to show that you have paid for parking.

Method 5: Pay With an NOL card

RTA issues the NOL card to streamline transport-related transactions. Incidentally, you can use the NOL card to pay for a car or bus fare, etc.

Likewise, you can also use the NOL card to pay for parking charges in Dubai. RTA has deployed specialized machines throughout Dubai that accept NOL cards. Once you put your card in the machine, the amount pertaining to the parking fee is deducted from your NOL balance, and you receive a parking ticket.

Parking Fines In Dubai

RTA is quite strict about parking violations. Those found violating parking norms laid out by RTA will be charged a fine. Incidentally, a whole range of violations can attract a penalty.

Parking Fines In Dubai

1. Incorrect Parking

Parking properly is a must if you want to avoid incurring a parking fine in Dubai. It’s true; sometimes, it’s challenging to park correctly, but pay attention or be ready to pay the penalties.

For improper parking, RTA charges Dhs500.

2. Parking On Pavement

Parking on Pavement is a big no-no in Dubai. It doesn’t matter if you went sightseeing, for some errands, or went searching for a parking spot. If you park on the pavement in Dubai, you pay a fine.

For the pavement parking, RTA charges Dhs400.

3. Parking In Reserved Spots for People of Determination

It doesn’t matter if you did it by mistake; if you take up the spot reserved for people of determination, get ready for severe consequences; RTA takes it quite seriously.

For parking at spots reserved for people of determination, you have to pay Dhs1000, and you will also be awarded six black points.

4. Parking at a Bus stop

Bus stop means only for buses; you cannot park your car there. It severely impacts traffic and may cause delays for travelers. Consequently, for parking at a bus stop, you have to pay a heavy fine.

The fine for parking at a bus stop in Dubai is Dhs2,000.

5. Blocking a Fire hydrant

Blocking a Fire hydrant is a severe offense. Your blocking of the fire hydrant might prove detrimental to disaster management efforts in case of a fire or other accident nearby. 

For parking near a fire hydrant, you have to incur a Dhs1,000.

6. Parking in a way that blocks other vehicles

It might happen that, in your ignorance, you parked your car in a way that blocked other vehicles. If the other vehicle’s driver reports it to the authorities, you will be fined Dhs400.

In addition to that, there are other parking fines in Dubai Too;

  • Non Payment of the parking ticket – Dhs150
  • Exceeding Parking hours – Dhs100
  • Parking car or other vehicles with no plate number – Dhs1000

Is parking free after 10 pm in Dubai?

In March previous year, Dubai authorities significantly altered the parking routine in the city. New norms were implemented, and new timing and charges were introduced. Incidentally, the free parking facility was moved to Sunday instead of the usual Friday.

Therefore, Dubai residents will no longer be required to pay for parking in public places on Sundays. Likewise, paid parking services in Dubai are available for fourteen hours. It means from 8 am to 10 pm, and parking will cost a fee. After 10 pm, public parking is free in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is full-day parking in Dubai?
In Dubai, parking areas are divided into zones, and the parking fee depends on the zone where you have parked your vehicle. There are zones B, C, D, E, and F.
Full-day parking charges in Dubai based on different zones are as follows;
·    Full-day parking charges in commercial Zone B – AED 20
·    Full-day parking charges for non-commercial zone D – AED 7.
2. What is RTA parking timing in Dubai?
The paid parking duration in Dubai is 14 hours. The RTA parking time starts at 8 am and ends at 10 pm. During this period, you must pay parking charges per the duration and zone where you have parked your car.
3. How do I park for 2 hours in Dubai?
In commercial zones, you have to pay AED8 for two hours of parking duration. Likewise, if you have to park your vehicle in a commercial zone for two hours, you must purchase a parking ticket for AED 8.
4. How long is parking free at Dubai Mall?
Dubai Mall provides a vast area for parking. Interestingly, parking at Dubai Mall is free for the whole day.
5. How many times can you fail RTA parking? 
If you fail the RTA parking times five times in succession, you will have to apply for the Institute Evaluation test.

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