UAE Issues Travel Warning Over Marburg Virus

The United Arab Emirates is currently struggling with the recent spread of the Marburg virus. The Ministry of Health has issued a health warning to all citizens to safeguard them against the spread of this deadly virus.

The citizens of the country are being strictly advised against traveling to the Equatorial regions such as Guinea and Tanzania. According to the reports, Guinea and Tanzania are becoming the breeding grounds of this virus for the time being.

The World Health Organization has also confirmed the recent outbreak of the Marburg virus and has expressed a possibility of its spread to Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE.

The Government of the UAE has mandated various health measures for the public welfare

The UAE’s Foreign Ministry has urged the residents to follow precautionary measures and postpone their travel plans to these two African countries. Special advisories have also been issued to the African nationals who are likely to travel to the UAE in the coming days.

The Government of the UAE has mandated various health measures for the public welfare

The Government has installed testing and screening facilities at the airports to prevent the spread of the virus from the very beginning itself. The Marburg virus is expected to be very dangerous for the citizens of the UAE. 

The World Health Organization’s recent press release has confirmed that the Marburg virus is as infectious as the Ebola virus. The virus has been described to be very deadly and contagious. The virus infects the human body to cause a viral hemorrhagic fever.

This fever has a fatality rate of up to 88%. In addition to causing this fever, this virus is also known for causing organ failure and bleeding in the body. The patients can also suffer from fever, severe headache, muscle pains, nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache, and vomiting.

This infection is currently spreading to human beings from fruit bats. This is not the first virus that is being spread from this family of bats. Ebola also originated from the African fruit bats five years back.

The Health Ministry of Guinea has confirmed nine deaths from this virus till now. the authorities have detected 13 positive cases in these regions so far. The infected people have been isolated and the authorities are trying to locate people who have come in contact with these infected people.

In addition, the Government of Tanzania has already announced five deaths in the last week. A total of 17 positive cases have been detected there so far. The World Health Organization has already warned these regions of an impending epidemic and its likelihood to spread across the neighboring countries such as Gabon, Cameroon, the north-western region of Kagera, and Uganda.

The international organization has also cautioned other adjoining regions to impose travel bans to control the spread of his virus.

The UAE authorities have strictly imposed restrictions on the movement of people to African countries. According to the sources, the aviation ministry has canceled the scheduled flights to Tanzania.

In addition, all those people who have come from these regions to the UAE in the last two weeks have been strictly advised to get themselves tested at the earliest. Until now, no positive cases have been detected.

The officials recently tweeted that they pray for the speedy recovery of the infected ones in Guinea and Tanzania and at the same time want everybody in the UAE to be safe and sound.

The government has instructed all the hospitals to prepare themselves in advance for an impending medical emergency. 

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This virus is considered to be more dangerous than ebola because of two reasons. Firstly, it has not been for the first time that an African country has been infected by the Marburg virus. Various countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Congo have already faced this deadly virus.

The fatality rate for this virus is very high. Secondly, there is no vaccination or anti-viral treatment for this infection. However, medical practitioners have been relying on potential treatments such as blood immune therapies, drug therapies, and other treatments. Scientists are already working on developing a vaccine to safeguard people against the deadly virus.

According to the sources, the people who work in caves and mines have a higher tendency to get infected by this virus. This is a serious concern for Dubai and the UAE as these regions are experiencing the maximum infrastructural development projects.

The residents of the region have been advised to follow all the precautions such as wearing a mask in all public places, sanitizing themselves, and avoiding physical contact at public places. These measures are likely to safeguard the UAE from yet another epidemic. This is important to protect to the economy of the country as a whole. The Government will enforce a plan of action to implement these measures. 

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