UAE: Museum Of The Future Dubai Welcomes New Pet Robodog Robot

From its stunning architectural design to the exhibits inside it, Dubai’s Museum of the Future has been stunning visitors since its public opening back in February of 2022.

Now, the museum welcomes a new “canine” addition to the list of robots that are available for display. The new “Robodog” is a four-legged robot that imitates a dog in its form and actions. The Robodog joins the already popular gang of robots including the AI-powered “Ameca” humanoid, the flying jellyfish and penguin robots, and “Bob” the robot barista, and more.

Robodog joins Dubai’s Museum of the Future

“Robodog” is a robot that is based on the “Spot” robot from Boston Dynamics, a company based in the US best known for its development of highly-mobile robots that are designed to do tasks that require greater agility and mobility and were not earlier possible by robots.

The Boston Dynamics Spot robot mimics the agility and form of a dog. More than a robotic human companion, the Spot robot, or “Robodog” as it’s called for now in the Museum of the Future in Dubai, the robot is really popular for its ability to map the 360-degree terrain around it to avoid hitting obstacles while moving, carry payloads of up to 14 kilograms, and also the ability to maintain its standing posture even when external pressure is applied to make it fall.

Robodog joins Dubai’s Museum of the Future

The museum is also looking for an attractive name for the “Robodog” and is open to suggestions from the public. Name suggestions for the robot dog can be submitted via the social media handles of the Museum of Dubai.

Speaking about the addition of the new robot dog in the museum, Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director at the Museum of the Future said “The team at Dubai’s Museum of the Future are excited to welcome the new robot dog into the collection of intelligent robots that we already have. With the collection of smart robots including Bob the barista, Ameca the humanoid, and now Robodog, visitors will now have a chance to see some of the cutting-edge and innovative technology that surrounds us and also learns more about the technology of today, and where we’re expecting it to lead us tomorrow. To offer a better learning experience, visitors also get to interact with our robots.”

The Robodog will be roaming around the lobby of the Museum of the Future, greeting and interacting with visitors and giving them the experience of having a robot version of an animal companion.

Talking about the other attractions and activities in the Museum of the Future, there are many of them that are very innovative and attractive.

The “Tomorrow Today” exhibition is one such activity in the museum. Visitors can discover new transformative technologies from around the world. The exhibition emphasizes how one can shape a bright future for ourselves and the generations to come, by learning and discovering new technologies out there. Visitors can also see how advancements in technology can help solve issues related to the environment, health and wellness, and other social/cultural issues that are present all around the globe.

Another great event is the “Journey to the Future” exhibition. Visitors can enjoy the chance to make a virtual trip to a space station that’s located 600 kilometers above the Earth and experience what it feels like to be an astronaut. The exhibition is a great chance for anyone who wishes to learn and explore the daily lives of an astronaut inside a space station. There is also a demonstration of a futuristic technology wherein the Moon can be utilized as a source of renewable energy.

There is also “The Vault of Life” exhibition which is basically a DNA library wherein details of thousands of species are displayed. You can get to know more about the species that you never knew existed in the first place. There is also educational information shared on how you can make a change and help repair damages caused by climate change to the species and nature on Earth.

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Most of us when we see documentaries and shows about the Amazon rainforest wish to experience the same in real life. Well, even though experiencing the Amazon rainforest in real life is quite a challenge, doing so virtually is not anymore. The Dubai Museum of the Future has a “Digital Amazon” experience set up wherein you can feel as if you’re living right in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, thanks to the implementation of mixed reality. You also get a chance to see there different insects and animal species that are found only in the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.

There is also an exhibition dedicated to children named as “Heroes of the Future”. Here, both children and parents can explore a fantasy world that has all the tech and skills that will most likely drive our planet in the future. Children also get a chance to take part in missions that encourages them to work as a team and achieve a common goal. The idea behind this exhibition is to grow the skills of problem-solving, exploration, working as a team, logical and practical thinking, etc. among the children of today to bring out their best talents tomorrow.

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