UAE To Celebrate National Day On December 2

The United Arab Emirates located in eastern Asia shares its borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia two major Arabic nations from the Middle east. The country is about to celebrate its national day on the 2nd of December. The day is celebrated on behalf of the nationalization under the protection and dominance of British officials which was declared in 1968. It also represents the anniversary of the federal unity of the six emirates and later seven which altogether makes the country what it is now.

The UAE Holiday Dates For National Day Have Been Announced

Nations like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Al-Ain, Umm Al-Quwain, and later Ras Al-Khaima were united and this is the day that is celebrated as the National Day of UAE. The freedom from British authority was claimed without any glimpse of violence which is an interesting factor compared to other nations.

The authorities have decided to grant holidays for the following days from Thursday, December 1 to 3rd including a Sunday which marks a total of 4 days and an extended weekend. This helps people to relax, celebrate and enjoy their time with family and friends in the comfort of their home or personal space.

The UAE Holiday Dates For National Day Have Been Announced

The Cabinet of UAE has decided to also celebrate Commemoration Day known as Martyrs Day previously, on November 30. It was annually celebrated on the 1st of December till 2019 but now a day earlier. Commemoration Day is celebrated to remember, honor, and respect the workers in the field of civil, military, and humanity for the country and in abroad. Mainly the date is an honor to the patriotic policeman Salem Suhail Bin Khamis Al Dahmani who died following an incident for his nation.

As part of this 51st national day, the organization committee is set to conduct an event at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 3 to 11. Around 200 AED is the minimum price of the tickets required to watch the show and the booking will be started at 6 PM every day. People of UAE and others who see UAE as their second home are invited to take part in this festival to make this program successful and memorable.

The celebrations are allowed to be started and it consists of not more than nine days. Such a long set of days are organised also for the attraction and entertainment for the millions of tourists visit in the country, especially in the Dubai region where the greatest number of people ought to visit.

The people who cannot participate in the event can watch it live on TV and other available sources like YouTube and almost all the local tv channels as well as on the official website of the National day program as confirmed by Mariam Almeraikhi the official communication team of the host. Food items, Game events, and Cultural programs are held to mark the 51st National day as one of the best ever seen in the country as well as compared to other countries. 

One of the biggest attractions not just in Dubai or UAE but also globally is the Burj Khalifa the tallest or definitely on top in terms of the highest skyscraper in the world. The national day takes the opportunity to showcase the building with a lighting show representing the country’s flag.

There is also a lake and a fountain in front of the building which provides a beautiful water fountain that is chorographical and entertains the crowd accompanied by an amazing show of fireworks. One of the fastest growing and developing countries UAE is about to witness a memorable week and the love people have for their country.

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