UAE To Impose Fines For Speed Limit From May 1st Onwards

The United Arab Emirates will start to impose a new minimum speed limit on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road from May 1st 2023 onwards. It was introduced to improve overall traffic safety in the area and will come into effect after the end of the warning period for violation.

The Abu Dhabi Police will take care of this restriction which will be put into effect in both directions of the road.

Drivers who violate the minimum speed limit will be fined Dh 400

Starting from May 1st onwards, drivers are required to keep a minimum speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour (kph) in the first two lanes from the left side. Those who fail to maintain the minimum speed limit will be charged with a fine of AED 400. The maximum speed limit on the road will be 140 kilometres per hour.

Drivers who violate the minimum speed limit will be fined Dh 400

In the case of heavy vehicles, they are required to follow the maximum speed limit of 140 kilometres per hour on the third and the last lanes of the road. They are given an exemption from the minimum speed limit. 

These new restrictions will come into force from May 1st onwards and the Abu Dhabi Police has advised the drivers to make sure that they are following the traffic rules properly. They are asked to commit to the correct lanes and maintain a safe speed limit in order to protect the safety of all other road users. 

This initiative taken by the UAE to introduce a minimum speed limit on the road is a practical measure to reduce the number of accidents taking place because of slow-moving vehicles. It parallels the nation’s overall mission to improve road safety and to fatalities that are caused by road accidents. 

The introduction of this restriction comes as a part of the Abu Dhabi Police’s dedication to providing a smooth and safe driving experience to all road users in the United Arab Emirates. 

On introducing the new speed limit, the director of the Central Operations Sector at the Abu Dhabi Police, General Ahmed Saif bin ZaytounAl Muhairi said that the main purpose of this restriction is to ensure the safety of the drivers, demanding that slow-moving vehicles shift on to the right lanes and to create a way for vehicles with preference arriving from the left or from behind.  

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The Abu Dhabi Police announced the implementation of a new minimum speed limit at the end of March 2023. It was announced that from April 1st, 2023 onwards the new rules will come into effect. Abu Dhabi Police gave a warning period for the violation of the speed limit and from May 1st onwards fines will be imposed. 

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road was opened to the public in November 2016. The road was given the name in honour of the Ruler of Dubai and Vice President, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The road was inaugurated by the Deputy Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed.

It is a 62-kilometre highway between the emirate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The construction of the highway cost almost Dh 2.1 billion and has the capacity to serve 8,000 vehicles in an hour with four lanes in each direction. 

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