UAE Weight Loss Challenge: Dh50,000 Cash Prizes Announced

The third edition of the biggest weight loss challenge in the United Arab Emirates is back, this time with 50,000 Dirhams worth of cash prizes as a reward for those who lose the most kilograms of their current weight.

The challenge named the RAK Biggest Weight Loss Challenge 2023 (RBWLC), is conducted by RAK Hospital in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), has three categories in it: Corporate, Physical, and Virtual. Both the physical and virtual categories will have 3 female and 3 male winners each, and for the corporate category, one corporate team will win the “champions trophy”.

UAE Weight Loss Challenge

The challenge will run for eight weeks starting from 20th January 2023 until 22 March 2023.

The first-place winner in the physical category will receive AED300 for each kilogram lost, the second-place winner gets AED200 for every kilogram lost, and the third-place winner gets AED100 for every kilogram they shed during the challenge period.

UAE Weight Loss Challenge

Coming to the virtual category, all three male and three female winners selected may win a variety of prizes including holiday and health packages, gym memberships, staycations, dining vouchers, and more.

Apart from the first, second, and third place winners in the physical and virtual categories, people who manage to lose the highest percentage of weight in both categories during the challenge period will also be rewarded for their effort.

Dr. Raza Siddiqui, Executive Director at RAK Hospital said “The RAK Biggest Weight Loss Challenge aims at improving the quality of life of both the individuals and the entire society in the UAE by motivating the public to reduce the chances of obesity, thus reducing the risks of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

The last iteration of the RAK Biggest Weight Loss Challenge was a superb success wherein more than 10,000 people from all around the UAE participated in the challenge. We believe that the 2023 edition of the challenge will encourage more people to plan and put the effort into transforming their obesity into a healthier lifestyle.

Our main goal is to make people aware that obesity is something that they can prevent and reverse with proper dietary control and regular physical exercise. This challenge will definitely motivate people to make healthier lifestyle choices and eventually beat any lifestyle-related diseases that come their way.”

Prof. Adrian Kennedy, Chief Wellness Officer at RAK Hospital’s Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management division, said that almost two-thirds of the entire UAE population is over their ideal weight or obese.

He added that “Thus, initiatives such as the RAK Biggest Weight Loss Challenge are the need of the hour that helps to motivate the public to make positive changes in their daily lives and ultimately take control of their health in a good way.”

Apart from lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, a study conducted by the RAK Hospital back in 2021 found that people with obesity had a greater risk of having long-term complications related to Covid-19, even when they’re cured from the virus and had “Negative” test results.

Prof. Kennedy also stated that participants wishing to enroll under the physical category can reach the RAK Hospital any day between the 20th and 22nd of January 2023 to have their weighing-in done. For contestants wishing to take part in the virtual category, they can visit any nearby local clinic to have their weight measured and upload the authenticated registration form on the official website of the challenge.

Sharjah resident Ghazwan Abdulilah Dakak had won the first prize in the physical category in both the last two seasons of the challenge, losing over 36 kilograms each time and winning AED18,000 as a cash prize. During the last season in 2022, the first four winners of the competition collectively had a weight loss of about 126 kilograms.

To help participants focus on their goal of weight loss, there will also be weekly webinars conducted on the topic of weight management throughout the competition duration.

The UAE is no stranger to taking initiatives to help people in the country to make a switch to a healthier life.

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