United Airlines Begins Nonstop Service to Dubai from New York-Newark

United Airlines has recently ventured into the Dubai aviation industry and has launched its non-stop daily flight services between New York/Newark and Dubai International Airport. With this, they have become the first airline in the United States of America to offer continuous service across the Middle Eastern Region. After seven years an airline in the United States of America agreed to offer continuous services across Dubai. This move is likely to strengthen the strategic relationship between the two countries. 

The services have been extended in furtherance of the implementation of the memorandum of understanding that has been signed between Emirates and United Airlines in the year 2022. According to the terms of the agreement, United Airlines will fly across the 100 cities of Dubai and will carry the residents of Dubai to the United States of America.

On the other hand, the people of the United States of America can book the services of Emirates or its subsidiary company flydubai in order to travel to Dubai. The objective behind such a move is to boost accessibility across the nations.

United Airlines aims to expand and enhance its network to access different destinations of the world

The agreement between United Airlines and Emirates further aims to offer world-class facilities to the passengers on board.

United Airlines aims to expand and enhance their network to access different destination of the world

The passengers could also avail of their loyalty programme also known as United Mileage Plus SM, according to which they could avail of redeemable points every time they booked tickets for Dubai and the USA.

These points could be later converted into various discounts. Separate lounge access has also been developed for the passengers undertaking their journey to Middle Eastern countries. United Airlines have curated these special services for the comfort of the passengers travelling to Dubai

The airline aims to boost its network operations across different countries of the world. United Airlines has assured the passengers so far to instil trust and confidence in its services as they promise to deliver world-class travel experience to the travellers.

The senior Vice President of the Airline, Mr Patrick Quayle, in a recent interview promised to extend the scope of its airlines across Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He further quoted that the primary reason to extend these non-stop services back in Dubai after a period of seven years was to serve the tourists and the businessmen who wish to travel back and forth between Dubai and the United States of America.

In fact, the commencement of these non-stop services is likely to facilitate trade and commerce between the two countries in addition to travel and tourism. This will be a boon to the gross domestic product of both countries so far. These airlines would not only fetch the people, but also the goods and services from one place to another on a timely basis.

The strategic ties between the two countries are likely to be boosted through this method. The lack of continuous and efficient transportation facilities was one of the most important reasons due to which the industries of travel and tourism in Dubai and the United States of America could not really benefit from each other.

Over the years, Dubai has emerged to be a popular tourist destination, especially for the American People so far. Americans are actually looking forward to exploring the rich culture, heritage and history of Middle Eastern Countries especially Dubai.

According to Mr Issam Kazim, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the opening of the direct route between the countries will reinforce the positive relationship between Dubai and the USA.

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In addition, it would also help to stabilise the tourism industry in Dubai. All of these efforts are in consonance with the D33 agenda of the Dubai Government which aims to make Dubai, one of the top global cities of the world.

This visionary strategy is likely to be implemented by the recent move of United Airlines to run continuously between the two nations. This is clearly the new era of travel and it has got no place for any limitations. This move will also benefit the trading ecosystem and hence, will improve the economic relationships.

United Airlines is likely to launch a full-fledged schedule of flights. The passengers would be allowed to book these flights soon after. This multifaceted destination proposition is a testament to the support which the countries are extending in order to mitigate the geographical boundaries and bolster the relationship between the countries. This development will introduce a new chapter to the development and will pave the way for future development to take place in the counties. 

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