US President Joe Biden Thanks UAE For Partnering In AIM For Climate (AIM4C)

President Joe Biden shared his appreciation to the government of the United Arab Emirates for its successful collaboration with the nation in organizing the “Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate” Initiative (AIM for Climate). The event started on the 8th of May in Washington DC.

The UAE Minister of Climate Change Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri and various other ministers, and officials from the government in addition to non-government representatives from various other countries who partnered with the event were present on the occasion.

The AIM4C witnessed a fruitful collab between the US and UAE

The Aim for Climate Summit saw a fruitful collaboration between the US Department of Agriculture and the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in arranging the event

UAE NEWS- US President Joe Biden thanks UAE for Climate Change support

President Biden used this opportunity to highlight the importance of agriculture and the part it plays in combating the challenges of climate change.

He also stressed the success of this initiative as this program resulted in the effective collaboration of various partners from across the globe to research solutions that aid in improving sustainable farming culture and practices from the beginning of this program almost 2 years back.

He also added that innovations in farming turned out to be effective in safeguarding and improving the lives of billions around the globe.

He mentioned that by joining hands it is possible to reinforce global food supplies, improve the income for farmers, and protect the planet for future generations who depend on our actions of the present.

With the joint efforts of the US and The UAE, the AIM for climate initiative was launched in 2021 and was introduced during COP26 Glasgow. During this summit, over 13 billion dollars were announced as investments toward innovative agriculture systems and projects. In addition to that the initiative’s collaborators have expanded to comprise more than 500 governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

Mariam Almheiri shared her vote of thanks to President Joe Biden for his unwavering support of this initiative and shared her confidence and trust in the initiative’s ability to create a tangible change in investments in agricultural innovations and to boost its role in global food security and impact farming has on climate change.

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Almheiri also added that with the country hosting COP28, they are affirming their dedication to addressing climate change and food security issues and shared their hopes of joining efforts to discover solutions that will aid in a sustainable future.

The summit culminated with the unveiling of a new mission “ Innovation for Climate Change, Food, Security and Agriculture” which was released. This mission targets to expand the scope and investment in the agricultural sector and climate innovations by proposing devices to encourage revolutionary developments in farming practices, and food security worldwide.

There was a special accolade announced in the category “Leveraging the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”.The dignitaries on the dice announced AgroSpace as the winner. With the title the company will be receiving $5 million worth of resources to further its innovations in “Revolutionizing remote sensing for Food Security”.

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