Sarah Garden08 Jul 2015 AT 01:51 PM

Skydive Dubai release incredible night jump video

See the footage from the stunt at Dubai World Cup
Sarah Garden08 Jul 2015 AT 01:51 PM

If you were lucky enough to see Skydive Dubai's stunt at the 2014 Dubai World Cup, you're lucky. Footage of the incredible jump, where 5 professionals wearing glow-in-the-dark wingsuits freefall into the staduim, was only released on the company's Facebook page days ago.

In the video, Skydive Dubai stunt athletes Julian Boulle, Noah Bahnson, and Greg Shelton, jump with Soul Flyers Vince Reffet and Roberta Mancino. The five men and one woman are noticably excited leading up to the jump, with Roberta commenting that she's never flown at night before. In reference to the glowing wingsuits one of the athletes says they're like the "glowing Elvises."

After the spectacular stunt, Roberta says, "I took off my wingsuit, put on my dress, and walked into the party like a superstar."

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