15 Jul 2015 AT 02:55 PM

Terrifying video of man hanging from Dubai building

British free climber scales a crane in Dubai Marina
15 Jul 2015 AT 02:55 PM

Brave stuntman or just downright insane? Daredevil climber James Kingston’s recently published video shows him “hanging around” above Dubai Marina. In the terrifying video, James scales the side of a crane with no harness, stands at the top with a selfie stick, and then dangles from a bar with one hand over Sheikh Zayed Road.

The 24-year-old Brit is no stranger to heights – in February he posted another video of his Dubai escapades, which he captioned “scary crane climb” proving that he is human after all. In the description he says, “One of the scariest climbs I've ever done! Making my way up the building in the pitch black darkness on my own, avoiding random holes in the floor and feeling like I could be attacked by zombies at any moment!! What a view from the top though.”

We just… we have no words.



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