By Nihan Ashraf 14/02/2023

10 Best Roller Coasters To Must Try In The UAE

Team Time Out loves this half-pipe coaster, which is part of the Hunger Games area of the park.


Motiongate Dubai, the Capitol Bullet Train

Move quickly through a pitch-black, UV-lit area while your cart spins all over the place.


Hollywood studio Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi World

As you climb 63 metres at a beautiful 51-degree angle in an old military bi-plane, try to keep your eyes open because the views are pretty great.


Flying Aces, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

With 52-meter heights and top speeds of 240 kph, it's definitely not for the faint of heart.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Formula Rossa

Don't think that this ride is only for kids. At first, the carriage moved slowly along the track. Then, actors from the movie Madagascar got on board.


Mad Pursuit in Madagascar and Motiongate Dubai

The best thing about the ride is that you don't know what to expect when you go on it for the first time.


IMG Worlds of Adventure's Spiderman: Doc Ock's Revenge

This roller coaster is definitely a winner, even though it will make you scream from the beginning to the end.


IMG Worlds of Adventure's Velociraptor in Dubai

The fastest indoor roller coaster in Dubai, which is also one of the scariest rides, is on the list.


Dubai Hills Mall's Stormcoaster

The Now You See Me-themed roller coaster, which is the fastest in the world, will make adrenaline rush as they twist and turn in their seats.


Now You See Me: Motiongate Dubai and the High Roller

The single-spinner car goes up to 70 km/h on a 310-meter track while it is suspended 10 stories above the ground.


Open Contract, Motiongate, Dubai for John Wick