By Nihan Ashraf 22/02/2023

10 Fascinating Beauty Secrets Of Arab Women

Hammam Hammams, also known as Turkish baths, originated in the Arab world. Hammam is a public bath that is thought to be one of Arab women's beauty secrets.

Henna hair dye Henna is one of the most ancient secrets of Oriental women. It dyes hair and nails red and orange when applied.

Kohl's The use of kohl, which has been used by both men and women, is top beauty advice. It is used to keep infections and dirt out of the eyes.

Power Of Oils Oils were a big part of the beauty secrets of the ancient Arabs. In fact, many Arab beauty tips use different oils. So it makes sense that Arab women are so pretty.

Camel Milk For Skin Camel milk is high in lactic acid, elastin, and vitamin C. It is well-known for tightening and brightening the skin. It also softens and supplies the skin.

Labneh For Sun Burn Life in desert regions can be difficult due to the constant presence of the scorching sun. This is why the ancient Arabians had the ideal remedy for sunburn—labneh.

Sugar To Remove Body Hair The ancient Arabians mixed sugar and lemon juice with water to create a thick wax-like substance.

Sea Salt For Exfoliation Sea salt is an excellent exfoliant. Ancient Arabian women used it to get rid of dry and dull skin.

Camel Urine For Hair Ancient Arabian women had beauty regimens like Cleopatra. They liked glossy hair. They shampooed with camel urine.

Figs The fig fruit was mashed and mixed with honey by ancient Arabian women as a face pack to tighten their skin.