By Nihan Ashraf 17/02/2023

10 Instagrammable Locations In Dubai

Burj Khalifa The world's tallest building tops the city's Instagrammable spots. The views from the top of Burj Khalifa are just as spectacular!

Imam Hussein Mosque The Imam Hussein Mosque, Dubai's only Iranian mosque with intricate Persian architecture, is gaining popularity among travellers.

Sky Views Observatory Deck This Observatory, with its Glass slide and Sky Walk Dubai, is the ideal combination of views and adventure.

Wings of Mexico Jorge Marin created this angel wing metal sculpture in 2010. Wings of Mexico and Burj Khalifa make a postcard-perfect photo.

Abra Ride Abra rides are a must-do in Dubai. Early morning is best, as it can get crowded and your Instagram shot may have elbows.

View at the Palm The View at the Palm observatory deck, not the tower, is the cherry on top. The 52nd-floor observatory deck offers unparalleled views of Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Souq These traditional markets have many instagram-worthy spots, ranging from spice souqs to gold souqs and even a whole souq dedicated to perfumes.

Dubai Expo It's a world inside with lots to do and see. Dubai Expo 2020 showcases the world's best innovation.

Hot Air Balloon Ride The views and feelings you experience while perched on this magical carpet are completely unique and will enchant you.

Dubai Frame Dubai Frame, the world's largest frame, "framed" Dubai's transformation from a fishing village to a glittering metropolis.