By Nihan Ashraf 31/01/2023

10 Interesting Facts About Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Mall Aquarium tank is the world's largest suspended aquarium. It can hold 10 million litres of water.


Underwater Zo has about 140 aquatic species. The Dubai Aquarium has around 30,000 creatures from around the world.


Tourists can see aquatic animals by cage diving. The Dubai Mall Aquarium's diving experience lets visitors glimpse sea creatures without getting close.


Dubai Mall Aquarium's underwater tunnel is outstanding. A 48-meter underwater tube at the Dubai Mall Aquarium offers a 270-degree view.


The Dubai Mall Aquarium's knowledgeable staff shares interesting facts & species information with guests.


There are three ecological zones in the underwater zoo: the rainforest, the rocky shore, & the living ocean.


The Dubai Mall Aquarium's behind-the-scenes tour is a unique way to see how much care & concern are put into protecting the aquatic creatures that live there.


At the Dubai Mall Aquarium, people can ride in a glass-bottom boat through the aquarium for a unique experience.


Divers who are brave and willing to try new things can dive among dangerous sharks and stingrays at the Dubai Mall Aquarium.


School kids can learn about the ocean at the Dubai Mall Aquarium, which has its own ocean education program.