By Nihan Ashraf 7/03/2023

10 Tips for Bargaining like a Pro in Gold Souk Dubai

10 Tips for Bargaining like a Pro in Gold Souk Dubai

Gold is sold by its weight and carat. Keep in mind that the price of gold changes every day, so it's better to check prices at your hotel before going to the gold souk.

Know Your Gold

A lot of the stores have pieces that look the same. There are, after all, more than 300 stores in the souk that sell gold. Check out the best deals and price.

Shop Around

Once you find a few pieces you like, ask how many carats each piece is and how much it weighs in grams, and also ensure to  check the gold quality.

Select Your Pieces

Always make a low initial offer and work your way up to a better price. Don't be scared to bargain for better terms!

Begin with a Low Offer

Have faith in your ability to negotiate, and don't back down from your demands. Try not to let yourself get intimated by the vendor.

Confidence Is The Key

Take a close look at the jewellery to make sure there are no flaws. Put this to your advantage when negotiating a lesser price.

Check For Imperfections

To save money, it may be worthwhile to purchase many things from the same vendor. If you buy in quantity, you could get a price cut.

Buy More, Pay Less

Engage in friendly haggling to get the greatest deals, but keep in mind that many stores may charge you more if you use a credit card.

Always Carry Cash

Proceed a given distance in the bargaining process with someone, and if you reach an impasse, withdraw. Return at a later time and give it another shot. 

Use The Multiple Contact Approach

Once you've reached a price you're happy with, seal the deal and make the purchase. Congratulations on bargaining like a pro!

Finalize the Purchase