By Nihan Ashraf 28/02/2023

An Overview Of Arab Fashion: DressesAnd Veils

Arab nations and regions have diverse attire and headwear styles. Arab dresses' versatility often confuses.

The Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and the Middle East wear abayas (Arabic for cloth).The garment resembles a wide robe


Abaya is worn by both men and women in the Islamic world. Except for a person's feet, hands, and head, it covers the complete body.

Abayas are often black and embroidered. Lighter colours, particularly earth tones, are preferred in some cultures.

Another style of clothing worn by Arab women is the jilbab. It's a loose-fitting clothing that looks like a long dress or tunic. The outfit is also known as a chador.

Jilbab or Chador

It covers the complete body from head to toe, is normally tucked in below the armpits, and has no hand holes.

Chadors used to be black or blue with subtle decorations, but now they're made of bright materials with vivid patterns.

Arab women use a veil called a hijab to cover their hair and face. Several styles of hijabs exist now.


A niqab is a veil that covers the entire face and leaves only a thin slit around the eyes. It is commonly worn with an abaya. The name derives from the Arabic word baqarah.


A burqa is a style of clothing that totally covers the wearer's face and body. Typically, the area surrounding the eyes is covered in a thin mash that allows the user to see through it.