By Nihan Ashraf 18/01/2023

Best Credit Cards In Dubai

This card is great for shopping because people who use it can get cash back in the form of loyalty points on all purchases.

Mashreq Cashback Credit Card


Your bill can be paid using the refund. Mashreq Bank's credit card features more bonuses and incentives than any other Dubai credit card.

Some customer reviews say that the Emirates ultima credit card is one of the best credit cards in Dubai because it gives customers a lot of special benefits.


Emirates Citibank Ultima Credit Card

The card earns the most Skywards Miles. The cardholder might earn more than 150,000 Skywards miles per year by utilising it.

Citibank Cashback Credit Card offers amazing perks and bonuses, such as Buy One Get One Free movie tickets, dining rebates, travel rewards, and so on.


Citi Cash Back Credit Card

If the person applies for the credit card online, they can get up to AED 1,500 back if they meet the financial goals.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) launched the Traveller Credit Card in 2017 to enable frequent travelers and Dubai flyers to save money.


ADCB Traveller Credit Card

It's great for business travelers and vacationers, and it comes with a lot of benefits and perks that other Dubai credit cards don't have.

This credit card has special features and lets members earn points for shopping, eating out, and going to the movies.


Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Also, the card user may save more than 10,000 AED per year. Cardholders can also get discounts on movie tickets, drinks, travel, and hotels, among other things.