By Nihan Ashraf 19/01/2023

Best Kerala Restaurants In Dubai!

Aaraamam is a well-known and reasonably priced Malabari restaurant serving simple food. They are especially well-known for their 'beef ularthiyathu.'


Aaraamam Restaurant dubai

The popularity of Paragon Restaurant has spread from Calicut, Kerala to the Dubai suburbs, particularly Al Karama and Al Nahda.


Paragon Restaurant

It is a traditional Kerala restaurant and one of the best in Dubai. It is in Al Karama and serves one of the best Malabari menus.


Malabar Express Restaurant

Motafish is a restaurant in Al Barsha that serves Malabari food. The place is known for how well the staff acts.


Motafish Restaurant

At the Salkara restaurant in Dubai Media City, you can get Asian food that tastes just like it did in South India.


Salkara Restaurant

This hotel in Nahda is a well-known one that was built in Kerala. It serves tasty Kerala food and a nice selection of seafood.


Ustad Hotel

Malabar Paris is a busy place on the weekends, but not during the week. The place has a nice atmosphere and comfortable places to sit.


Malabar Paris Restaurant

Dhe Puttu is well-known for its steamed cakes, or 'puttu,' and is considered one of the greatest Kerala eateries in Dubai.


Dhe puttu Restaurant

Lallummas is a restaurant in South India that is known for serving real Kerala food. This is one of the best restaurants in Dubai for Kerala food.


Lallummas Restaurant

This restaurant with a theme is known for its coffee and drinks. It has a themed atmosphere and a real taste.


Adaminte Chayakada