By Nihan Ashraf 07/02/2023

Best Restaurants In Karama, Dubai 2023

Since most of the people who live in Karama come from places like India and Pakistan, the food scene there is incredibly diverse.

Amritsr is the best Indian restaurant in Karama, and it's also one of the best in all of Dubai. It is in the Al Attar Center on Kuwait Street in the Karama,Dubai.


Amritsr Restaurant

Because it serves both Pakistani and North Indian food, it's one of Karma's best restaurants. Karama's popular restaurant serves a global menu.



The open kitchen is known for its fresh flavours, friendly staff, excellent service, calm atmosphere, and beautiful decor.


Rasoi Ghar Restaurant

The restaurant serves all kinds of vegetarian Indian meals and Indian sweets.If you prefer Indian food, this is a must-visit.


Shri Krishna Bhavan

It's known for having good food, a nice atmosphere, low prices, good-sized portions, and an amazing menu that will always surprise you.


Maharaja Bhog

At this hidden gem, they'll take you on a trip along the coast with South Indian spices. The restaurant delivers tasty seaside meals.


The Calicut Paragon Restaurant

Simple weeknight Arabic meal is its secret. Its delicious meals and low costs have made it well known in Karama.


Al Damyati & Iskandaron

It is one of the best grill places in Karama because it serves spicy Indian barbecued food in a buffet style.


Barbecue Nation