By Nihan Ashraf 2402/2023

Best Things To Eat In Dubai

If you're seeking for authentic Dubai food, try some Manousheh, the local pizza.A flatbread topped with exotic ingredients like Akkawi cheese, zaatar herbs, and olive oil.


Traditionally the meat used in Shawarma is grilled in a vertical barbecue- usually the whole day long. The scrapes of meat of this roasted block and can be served directly on a plate or rolls.


These warm dumplings resemble doughnuts in both appearance and flavour.They are served with a sticky date sauce and toasted sesame seeds in Restaurants


Basmati rice is the base of this dish, and it's topped with a variety of meats. Chicken is a common protein in majboos, which is cooked with specia Arabian spices .


This rice dish can be cooked with either chicken or beef and served in flaky pastry pockets. It's sometimes accompanied by salad and yoghurt, or topped with a medley of fried or roasted nuts.


Knafeh is a cheese pie with a crunchy kataifi noodle crust or a chewier, crushed dough crust. Furthermore, tons of sugar syrup.


Roasted lamb served over rice and a variety of vegetables. It's sure to satisfy your hunger, but you could find yourself gorging on more than usual because every bite tastes so good.


The burger comes with a fresh green salad and crunchy fries or wedges. However it's served with freshly baked khameer bread instead of an American sesame bun .

Camel Burger

Coriander, cumin, chilli, turmeric, paprika, dried lime powder, and date paste are just some of the herbs and spices used in the fish marinade. They scales aid in keeping the fish moist while grilling.

Samak Mashwi 

This dish is created by cooking Basmati rice, vegetables, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, fennel seed, cumin, and meat together. It's most often made with lamb or chicken.